SuperView W5 5-Axis Auto 3D Optical Surfae Profilometer


SuperView W5 is mainly used for high-precision measurement of surface roughness and waviness of irregular workpieces. Equipping a 5-axis object table(X/Y/Z axis, tilt & rotation), it can achieve rapid positioning throng imported 3D model. Then the measurement head can automatically scan the specified position and software obtains test data including 2D/3D topography, roughness, waviness, etc.


Model No.  SuperView W5
Light Source White LED
Video System 1024x1024
Objective Lens 10X,20X
Optical Zoom 0.5X,(0.75X,1X,0.375X)
Field of View 0.98x0.98mm(10x)
Lens Turret Motorized 5 holes turret
XY Object
Size 400x400mm
Travel Range 300x300mm
Load Capacity 20kg
Control Method Motorized
Rotary Stage Tilt ±90°
Rotation 360°
Load Capacity 10kg
Control Method Motorized
Z Axis Travel Range 100mm
Control Method Motorized
Z- Stroke Scanning Range 10mm
Z Resolution 0.1nm
Roughness RMS Repeatability*1 0.005nm
Step Height
Accuracy*2 0.5%
Repeatability*2 0.1%
Working temperature 0~40°C fluctuation <2℃/h
Working Relative Humidity ≤70%
*1 Measure Sa 0.2nm silicon wafer in a laboratory environment according to the ISO 25178.
*2 Measure standard 4.7μm steps height block in a laboratory environment according to the ISO 5436-1:2000



It is used for measurement and analysis of surface roughness and profile of precision components from industries of semi-conductor, 3C Electronics, ultraprecise machining, optical machining, micro-nano materials, micro-electro-mechanical system.

Measurement and analysis for various products, components and materials`surface form and profile characteristics, such as flatness, roughness, waviness, appearance, surface defect, abrasion,corrosion, gap, hole, stage, curvature, deformation, etc.

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