VT6100 Confocal Microscope


Confocal Microscope VT6100 is dedicated for micro-nano level measurement of various precision components and material surfaces. It can measure the surface of various objects from smooth to rough, low reflectivity to high reflectivity, and the roughness, flatness, micro-geometric profile, curvature, etc.Total more than 300 kinds of 2D and 3D parameters as per four major domestic and foreign standards ISO/ASME/EUR/GBT are provided as evaluation standards

Surface with sharp slope
Surface with any reflectivity
One-key analysis for batch
Support 300 kinds of 2D and 3D PARAMETERS




1. High precision and high repeatability
  1. 1) Based on the rotating confocal optical system, combined with high stability structural design and excellent 3D reconstruction algorithm, the measurement system is jointly composed to ensure thehigh measurement accuracy of the instrument.
  2. 2) The unique shock isolation design can reduce the vibration noise of the bottom surface, the instrument is stable and reliable in most environments, and has good measurement repeatability
2. All-in-one operation of measurement analysis software
  1. 1) The measurement and analysis are operated on the same interface without switching, and the measurement data is automatically counted, realizing the function of rapid batch measurement
  2. 2) The visualization window is convenient for users to observe the scanning process in real time
  3. 3) Combined with the automatic measurement function of the custom analysis template, the multi-region measurement and analysis can be automatically completed
  4. 4) Five functional modules of geometric analysis, roughness analysis, structural analysis, frequency analysis and functional analysis.
  5. 5) One-key analysis, multi-file analysis, free combination analysis items are saved as analysis templates, one-key analysis of batch samples, and data analysis and statistical chart functions are provided
  6. 6) More than 300 kinds of 2D and 3D parameters can be measured according to ISO/ASME/EUR/GBT
3. Precision joystick

The joystick integrated with the displacement adjustment functions in the three directions of X, Y, and Z can quickly complete the pre-measurement works such as stage translation and 2-way focusing etc.

4. Double anti-collision protection measures

In addition to the software ZSTOP setting the lower limit of the Z-direction displacement for anti-collision protection, a mechanical and electronic sensor is designed on the Z-axis. When the lens touches the surface of the sample, the instrument automatically enters an emergency stop state to protect the instrument to the greatest extent and reduce the risk of human operation


V-shaped groove


Pyramid shape

Laser hole

Patterned Wafer

Microlens matrix

Taper hole

Optical lens

Ddiamond drill

Conductive ceramics

Paper fiber

Ultra-precision metal tip


Gold plated micro-holes

Grid line of solar plate

Model No. VT6100
X 100mm
Y 100mm
Z 100mm
Size 520×380×600mm
Weight 50kg
Principle Spinning disk confocal optical system
Objective Lens 50×(Optional: 10×, 20×, 100×)
Field of View 120×120 μm~1.2×1.2 mm
Step Height
Repeatability(1σ) 12nm
Accuracy*1 ± (0.2+L/100) μm
Display Resolution 0.5nm
Repeatability(1σ) 40nm
Accuracy*2 ± 2%
Display Resolution 1nm
XY Object
Load Capacity 10kg
Control Method Motorized
Z-Axis Stroke Scanning Range 10 mm
Lens Turret Motorized 5 holes turret
Light Source White LED
Power Supply 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz, 2A, Power 300W
Working Temp. 15℃~30℃, fluctuation < 2℃/60min
Humidity 5%~95%RH, no condensation
Vibration VC-C or better
Other No strong magnetic field
*1 Measure standard 4.7μm steps height block by 50× Objective lens in a laboratory environment
*2 Measure standard engraved line block by 50× Objective lens in a laboratory environment

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