Automatic Video Measuring Machines CHT0810


Automatic video measuring machines CHT series covers different measurement ranges offers powerful functionality and can perform precise measurements of surface dimensions, contours, angles, positions, and geometric tolerances for various complex parts.

Automatic video measuring machines CHT series can be used in machinery, electronics, mold, injection molding, hardware, rubber, low-voltage electrical appliances, magnetic materials, precision stamping, connection Plug-ins, connectors, terminals, mobile phones, home appliances, printed circuit boards, medical equipment, clocks, knives, measurement and testing, etc.

Automatic Report Generation

Automatically output SPC analysis report and support remote data docking


Measuerment Function

Extractdion Tools

Scanning to extract edge points, multi-segment edge point extraction,circular edge point extraction, ellipse extraction, frame selection to extract contour lines, focus points, closest points, etc.

Annotation Tools

Point, line, circle (center coordinates, radius, diameter), arc, center, angle, distance, line width, hole position, aperture, number of holes, distance from hole to hole, distance from hole to edge, distance from arc center to hole, the distance from the center of the arc to the side, the distance from the high point of the arc to the high point of the arc, and the distance from the intersection to the intersection, etc.


Intersection point, center point, extreme point, end point, line connecting two points, parallel line, perpendicular line, tangent line, bisector,Centerlines, line segment fusion, radius circle, three-line inscribed circle, two-line radius inscribed circle, etc.


Straightness,roundness,profile,position,parallelism,symmetry, perpendicularity, concentricity and other form and position tolerance evaluation


Instrument coordinate system, point to line, point to point, line to line and other workpiece coordinate systems; image registration coordinate system;Can translate, rotate, manually adjust the coordinate system

Special tools

R angle,horizontal pitch,circumferential pitch,screen,slot,contour comparison,spring,O-ring and other special tools for rapid measurement .

Support tolerance batch setting, scale classification, and color custom management


Easy to operate

With user-friendly software, anyone an be trained to use it quickly
Software interface

Flexible shooting and precise calculation

Support segmental programming control of surface light, transmitted light and coaxial light , automatically identify the measurement position, and obtain uniform and stable measurement results every time.

  • Ring light

    Ring light

  • Back light

    Back light

  • Coaxial light

    Coaxial light

  • Surface features are clear

    Surface features are clear

  • Easy to measure profile features

    Easy to measure profile features

  • Measure diameter of blind hole

    Measure diameter of blind hole

Auto batch measurement
The program matches the coordinate system of the workpiece, automatically executes the measurement process,supports the import of CAD drawings and Gerber drawings, and coordinates system matching measurement;
In the CNC fixed coordinate system mode, batch measurement can be performed quickly and accurately.

Import CAD drawing to build a program

Import CAD drawing to build a program

CNC batch measurement

CNC batch measurement
Various accessories
Equips a touch probe or optical probe to measure height and flatness and realize 2.5D space measurement;
Supports external input from digital calipers and height gauges; Supports label printers.

Height measurement

Height measurement

Flatness measurement

Flatness measurement

Height result

Height result

Flatness result

Flatness result


Model No. CHT0810
Travel Range X(mm) 800
Y(mm) 1000
Z(mm) 200
Structure Type Bridge
Base Material Marble
Monitor 24" LCD(1920×1080)
Image Sensor 160w High definition colorful industrial camera
Resolution of Glass scale 0.1μm
Lens 8.3X Motorized lens
Magnification Optical Zoom: 0.6X~5.0X, Image Zoom: 27~229X
Light Back light Telecentric transmission illumination
Ring Light 6 rings and 8 segments (256 levels) surface light
Coaxial light LED
Accuracy*1 X/Y (3.0+L/200)μm
X⊥Y (4.0+L/200)μm
Z*2 (4.5+L/200)μm
Max Speed XY(㎜/s) 500
Z(㎜/s) 100
Size(㎜) 1750×2220×1700
Weight(kg) 2900
Loading Capacity(kg) 50
Power 2500W
Sensor Option (1)Touch probe; (2)Laser probe
Motion Control Servo control system
Software InsightX
Input AC200-240V, 50/60Hz
Working Environment Temp.20℃ ±2℃ , Humidity 20~80%, Vibration<0.002g, Less than15Hz
*1 In the focus position, the environment temperature is +20 °C ± 1.0 °C, and the load on the table is 5 kg or less; L is the moving range of the table in mm.
*2 It is mechanical accuracy, and actual accuracy depends on object surface where lens focuses.


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