SJ207 Precision height measuring instrument
  • Item No.: SJ207
    Product name: SJ207 Precision height measuring instrument
    Measuring range: 0~50mm
    Resolution: 0.1μm
  • Accuracy: 1μm
    Repeatability: 0.2μm
    Display: Nixie tube
    Application: Measure height of workpiece
    Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc.



§≡≡≡≡   Functions   ≡≡≡≡


1. High accuracy(precision Heidenhain glass-scale, precision guide rail)

2. High reliability(100,000 repetitive experiments)

3. High speed: fast measurement and stable indication value

4. Easy to calibrate

5. Measuring spindle which is guided by the linear rolling bearing can bear big radial force in travel, at the same time its` micro friction is very small.

6. Wide application: Manual measurement or positioning of equipments. Fast, accurate, reliable measurement for length, separation distance, height, thickness or linear displacement.


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Item No. SJ207
Configuration 50mm measuring tip + SJ102 + Ceramic object table
Measuring range (0-50)mm
Measuring system Incremental linear encoder system
Driving type Sping
Accuracy (20°C) 1μm
Repeatability 0.2μm
Resolution 0.1μm, 0.5μm, 1μm convertible
Speed <7.2m/s
Measuring force 1.2N-1.6N 
Display Nixie tube              
Measuring tip

Alloy measuring tip with spherical face(plain face, needle face 

and eccentric probe are optional)

Interface RS-232C
Input voltage AC100-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Function Automatic zeroing / data calibration
Unit mm / inch
Operating temperature (0-40)℃, Standard 20℃



§≡≡≡≡  Description  ≡≡≡≡

SJ200 series is precision measuring instrument with large measuring range, which are particularly designed for various industrial domains and testing institutes. On basis of Heidenhain precision linear encoder system, exact adherence to the Abbe principle, designed as optimal mechanical and thermal stability, SJ200 series possesses features of high accuracy, high stability, high repeatability, etc.

SJ200 series is widely used for product testing, multiple points testing, measuring devices monitoring and position measurement.

Resolution of SJ207 is 0.1 um, and min indication value can be switched between 0.5 um and 1 um. Measuring range is 50mm.

Accuracy is within 1um at 20℃.

RS-232C and print interface are the standard configuration.



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