ULM SJ5100-300A/B
  • Item No.: SJ5100-600A/B
    Product name: Universal length measuring machine
    Inside measuring range: 0.7~500mm
    Outside measuring range: 0~640mm
    Resolution: 0.01μm
    Repeatability: 0.1μm
    Max thread pitch:  200mm(Ring gauge) / 250mm(Plug gauge)
    Measuring force range: 0.3 ~ 10N continuously adjustable by hand
    Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc.



§≡≡≡≡   Functions   ≡≡≡≡

1. Measure gauge blocks, thread gauges, plain gauges, Taper thread/plain gauges, pin gauge, caliper, spline gauges, setting bars, snap gauges, internal/external micrometers, feeler gauges, Dial indicators, dial bore gauge, dial test gauges, internal micrometer three points, etc.

2. Measure various gauges according to GB, ISO, BS, ANSI, DIN, JIS standards. With comprehensive and professional standards in database, it meets requirements of most customers.

3. Conform to a variety of verification regulations & measuring standards. All test results are generated according to relevant regulations and standards.

4. User-friendly software and easy to use.

5.With centralized database management for measuring records, the operator can query and manage the measuring records according to object type , testing institution, manufacturing number, inspector, submitted institution, equipment number, inspection date and effective date.

6. Can print multiple selected test records or test certificates from database at a time.

7. Can export test data to Word, Excel, AutoCAD (optional) files.

8. Data backup and restore.

Output a variety of report formats in Word, particularly the format can be customized completely.

9. Can customize measuring standards according to the requirements of customers(optional).


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§≡≡≡≡  Parameters  ≡≡≡≡
Item No. SJ5100-300A/B SJ5100-600A/B SJ5100-1000A/B



Outside range (0~340)mm (0~640)mm (0~1040)mm
Inside range (0.7~200)mm (0.7~500)mm (0.7~900)mm
Indication error A series: ±(0.15+L/1000)μm;    B series: ±(0.25+L/1000)μm
(Note: L is measured length in mm)
Repeatability (2s) 0.1μm
Resolution 0.01μm
Measuring force (0.3~10)N continuously adjustable by hand
Max pitch diameter(mm)  200(Ring gauge) / 250(Plug gauge)
Dimension(mm) 1400×400×450 1400×400×450 1700×400×450
Weight(kg) 150 150 180


object table

Item No. ST-30.1
Z-axis (0-50)mm
Y-axis ±25mm
X-axis floation ±10mm
Z-axis rotation ±3°
Y-axis swing ±3°
Loading capacity >30Kg
Dimension 350mm×125mm


§≡≡≡≡  Description  ≡≡≡≡

SJ5100 achieves high-precision measurement of various length parameters by using Heidenhain precision linear encoder system, precision grinding guide rail, precision temperature compensation system, bidirectional constant measuring force system, high performance computer control system. Precision grinding guide rail ensures high-stable and high-straight travel in measurement. After the software records the length coordinates in contacting measurement by applying Heidenhain precision linear encoder system, on the basis of synthesizing measuring values with the data from tilt unit, measuring force unit and temperature sensor, the software calculates and obtains the related length parameters according to relevant definitions and formulas. 


After installing the workpiece and choosing the standard as well as inputting related specifications in software, the operator moves measuring probe to contact the workpiece, then adjust the five-axis object table and main&secondary measuring slides to find the inflection point. After sampling the system calculates a variety of parameters of workpiece automatically(For example, the system can calculate pitch diameter in thread measurement). Finally all measured parameters can be qualified in compliance with specified standard, and test result is generated automatically. The whole process is completed in 3min.


§≡≡≡≡     Features    ≡≡≡≡

1.Absolute measurement:

SJ5100 can implement high-precision absolute measurement over the entire setting range of measuring spindle by applying Heidenhain high-precision linear encoder for positioning of measuring spindle.


2.High precision and High stability:

      (1) Heidenhain high-precision linear encoder system; Resolution: 0.01μm.

      (2) Precision grinding guide rail system made from wearproof materials ensures precision guidance, which helps to improve accuracy and stability of measurements.

      (3) Measuring values are acquired truly and accurately by using high-rigid and deformation-free measuring spindle made from imported special materials.

      (4) By using marble base bed, measuring spindle and five-axis object table are deformation-free in movement, and the machine is protected against external vibration interference, which ensures stable and reliable working.

      (5) The measuring slide is very stable in travel by using compact friction driving structure.


3.Bidirectional constant measuring force:

      (1) Bidirectional constant measuring force system reduces the influence of measuring force on measured values, which helps to improve the accuracy of measurements.

      (2) Manual continuously-adjustable measuring force.

      (3) The sensing system of measuring force avoids measuring force`s error caused by un-horizontal position of the machine and surrounding environment vibration.


4. Intelligent management and measurement software system:

      (1) Software UI is user-friendly and operation of the machine is simple, so the operator can grasp the basic operation easily.

      (2) 10 years of practical experience in the design of measurement software; Simple and practical software is designed for customers to operate the system fast.

      (3) With built-in a variety of length standards and regulations, the powerful software can process the measured data and generate various test reports automatically , additionally test records can be queried, displayed, saved, printed.

      (4) Wide measuring applications. Can measure length parameters for the vast majority of measuring gauges, gauge blocks, etc.

      (5) The user can find the inflection point of workpiece fast and simply though the guide function of software.


5.High-performance five-axis object table:

      (1) High-performance cross-roller for rails of X, Y, Z axis: very small friction, excellent stability and large loading capacity.

      (2) Function of fine adjustment of Y-axis travel & tilt & horizontal rotation is designed for the operator to find the inflection point of each axis easily.

      (3) The software can collects data automatically from Z-axis digital display device(standard) and Y-axis digital display device(optional), which is used for measurements of taper thread and thread pitch.


6.High-performance thread ring gauge measuring units:

With these units, SJ5100 can measure small thread ring gauges (min thread ring gauge is M3 by using corresponding measuring probe) and plain ring gauges with diameter ≥0.7mm; Measuring force is 0.3N or 0.5N optional by software; Repeatability of plain ring gauge measurement is less than 0.15μm.

§≡≡≡≡  Applications  ≡≡≡≡
§≡≡≡≡ Configuration ≡≡≡≡

Standard configuration

1. SJ5100 host machine      
2. ST-30.1 five-axis object table  
3. ST-S1.1 one-coordinate floating object table    
4. Measuring probes            
5. Three-wire for thread measurement
6. SF-P60.1 workholder for plug gauges     
7. SF-V1.1 V-shaped supporting block for setting bar    
8. SF-GB1.1 and SF-GB2.1 supporting fixture for gauge block  
9. ST-CL1.1 and ST-CL2.1 clamping fixture 
10. SDE-R200.1 Precision inside dimension measuring device    
11. SB-T12.1 T-shaped ruby ball probe  
12. SB-S4.1 single ruby ball probe    
13. SH-L1.1 big measuring jaw for ring gauge  
14. SH-L2.1 small measuring jaw for ring gauge  
15. Standard plain ring gauge Φ40mm   
16. Measuring software   
17. Built-in popular standards in database    
18. Desktop computer          
20. Supporting fixture DLB-200 for monitor   
21. Aluminum alloy suitcase for accessories     
22. Temperature compensation device         
23. Product certification and Warranty card    
24.  User manual 
25. Free services and repairs 


Optional configuration

1. Marble work table        
2. SDE-Z200.1 Precision inside dimension measuring device
(for internal measurement and taper thread gauge measurement)
3. SF-Z1.1 workholder for taper plain/thread ring/plug gauge 
4. Digital micrometer indicator with cable(for Taper thread/plain gauge)
5. Measuring jaw (for spline ring gauge/ outer ring of bearing)
6. Measuring cap (for spline plug gauge/ inner ring of bearing)
7. Small measuring bar for spline gauge measurement(12 pairs): 
8. Small measuring bar for bearing measurement(2 pairs)
9. T-shaped ruby ball probe(For M3, M4 thread ring gauges)
10. Single ruby ball probe(For ring gauges Φ0.7~4mm)
11. SR-H65.1: Axis raising(H=65mm ) block for measuring bar
      RH-6.5_8.0: Small measuring bar with plain face Φ8
12. Portal bubble level gauge (for five-axis object adjustment)
13. Workholder for snap gauge measurement   
14. Measuring jaw for outside micrometer 
15. Workholder and its accessories for micrometer measurement
16. Paralleled probe for outside micrometer measurement
17. Workholder and probe for dial test indicators
18. Foot pedal board for sampling

19. Electronic moistureproof cabinet   


§≡≡≡≡      Package    ≡≡≡≡


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