Universal thread measuring machine SJ5500
  • Item No.: SJ5500
    Product name: SJ5500 Universal thread measuring machine
    Inside measuring range: 2.5~620mm
    Outside measuring range: 1.0~620mm
    Resolution: 0.01μm
    Max measuring length: 250mm
    Min thread pitch: 0.1mm
    Measuring force range: 0.04 ~ 0.15N
    Application: Measure all parameters of plug or ring gauge in 2~5 min.
    Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc.



§≡≡≡≡   Functions   ≡≡≡≡
1. Full-automatic measurement for comprehensive parameters of cylindrical thread plug gauges, cylindrical thread ring gauges, taper thread plug gauges, taper thread ring gauges, plain ring gauges, plain plug gauges and other gauges with internal & external dimensions, including virtual pitch diameter , single pitch diameter, basic pitch diameter, major diameter, minor diameter, thread pitch, thread angle, half of thread angle, flank straightness, lead angle, taper, etc.
2. Can measure trapezoidal thread gauges, buttress thread gauges, sawtooth thread gauges and other large-slope thread gauges.
3. Can measure comprehensive parameters of single thread and multiple thread.
4. Measure various thread gauges according to GB, ISO, BS, ANSI, DIN, JIS, API standards. With comprehensive and professional thread standards in database, it meets requirements of most customers.
5. Automatically generate test report according to selected standard.
6. After once measurement, the software can records various parameters of thread and display data of any position, in addition it generates the thread curve, relevant parameters and analysis chart automatically.
7. Measuring probe and workholder are identified automatically, which avoids collision of measuring probe caused by misoperation.
8. One-sided or two-sided measurement and analysis for gauges.
9. Controller for measuring pin positioning: with an easy-to-use buttons control box, the operation is more flexible.
10. User-friendly English software system and simple & convenient operation.
11. Test results are saved automatically with name of measuring series number + size of measuring gauge + type of measuring gauge, which can be recognized easily. With centralized database management for measuring records, the user can query and manage the measuring records according to object type, testing institution, manufacturing number, inspector, submitted institution, equipment number, inspection date, effective date, etc.
12. Can print multiple selected test records or test certificates from database at once time.
13. Can export test data to Word, Excel, AutoCAD (optional) files.
14. Data backup and restore.
15. Output reports in a variety of formats in Word or PDF, particularly the format can be customized. 
16. Support user-defined standards.


§≡≡≡≡      Photo     ≡≡≡≡


§≡≡≡≡  Parameters ≡≡≡≡

Item No. SJ5500-200 SJ5500-300 SJ5500-400 SJ5500-500 SJ5500-600
Outside measuring range (1.0-250)mm (1.0-350)mm (1.0-450)mm (1.0-550)mm (1.0-620)mm
Inside measuring range (2.5-250)mm (2.5-350)mm (2.5-450)mm (2.5-550)mm (2.5-620)mm
Max measuring length 250mm     
Min thread pitch 0.1mm
Weight 2000kg
Dimension 200×90×91cm
Measuring uncertainty:
Cylindrical or Taper ring gauge(Mimor diameter >2.5mm, half of thread  angle ≥27°)
Minor diameter(μm) 3.0 + L/200
Pitch diameter(μm) 3.0 + L/200
Thread pitch(μm) 0.8 + L/200
Cylindrical or Taper plug gauge (Major diameter >1.0mm, half of thread  angle ≥27°)
Major diameter(μm) 2.9 + L/200
Pitch diameter(μm) 2.9 + L/200
Thread pitch(μm) 0.8 + L/200
Plain ring or plug gauge(μm) 2.0 + L/200
Other measurement(μm) 2.0 + L/200
Contour measurement
Outside measuring range (0-250)mm (0-350)mm (0-450)mm (0-550)mm (0-620)mm
Inside measuring range (2.5-250)mm (2.5-350)mm (2.5-450)mm (2.5-550)mm (2.5-620)mm
Resolution of X-axis and Y-axis 0.01μm
Accuracy of X-axis ±(1.5+L/100)μm
Accuracy of Z-axis ±(1.5+L/100)μm
Max gradient 75°(T-shaped measuring probe)
Measuring force (40-150)mN
Measuring speed (0.01-2)mm/s


§≡≡≡≡  Description ≡≡≡≡

SJ5500 achieves full-automated and precision measurement of comprehensive thread parameters by using precision linear encoder system, precision air bearing driving system, high-end servo motor control system, high performance industrial computer control system and large capacity memory technology. After driving the measuring probe to contact with workpiece by precision air bearing system, the software records the horizontal and vertical coordinates in measuring process by applying precision linear encoder system, then, on the basis of synthesizing the two-dimensional measuring values, the software calculates and obtains a variety of thread parameters according to relevant definitions from norms.
SJ5500 is a full-automated measuring machine. The operator only needs to install the thread gauge, select matching standard and input scanning length in software, then the system measures automatically after click the "start" button. The software displays real-time tooth profile curve of thread gauge, and calculate the major diameter, pitch diameter, minor diameter, thread pitch, thread angle, other thread parameters automatically. Finally the system qualifies a variety of thread parameters according to selected thread norm, and test report is generated automatically. The whole process is completed in 2 min.


§≡≡≡≡    Features   ≡≡≡≡

1. Full-automated measurement: Scan test objects and display all values in 2 minutes without manual intervention and calculation. According to selected thread standards, the system generates the test report finally. That significantly simplifies the operator's work, as well as improves the measuring efficiency, quality and accuracy. 
2. Resolution is 0.01um; High accuracy, high stability and high repeatability.
3.Simple, humanized design: Thanks to quick workholders for thread, object installation is very simple and easy. Due to user-friendly software interface, the operator can be trained to use it within a few minutes. Operation of the machine is extremely simple.
4. 3D navigation function(Patent No.1): Greatly improve the operating convenience, accuracy, safety and reliability.
5. Convenient and accurate replacement of measuring pin(Patent No.2): Thanks to innovative structure for probe installation, the probe is fixed easily and simply. This structure eliminates errors caused by repeated installation, which guarantees excellent repeatability.
6.Combined workholder(Patent No.3): Thanks to two-in-one and three-in-one workholders, gaskets and heel blocks are not required. These workholders can be used for measuring both thread ring and plug gauges, which makes work more simple and efficient, moreover reduces risk of misoperation.
7. Ingenious balancing mechanism(Patent No.4): Thanks to ingenious balancing mechanism, the problem of Z-axis swing while X-axis movement is solved completely, which ensures the stability of the coordinate system during scanning, consequently measuring accuracy is improved.
8. Accurate & sensitive measuring force system 
Measuring force automatically varies from 0.01 ~ 0.10N according to different gradient during scanning. Thanks to micro measuring force, measuring pin is almost abrasion-free, so lifespan of probe is very long, in addition test objects are protected as well. The micro measuring force also greatly helps to achieve measurements for steep-slope thread gauges.


§≡≡≡≡  Applications  ≡≡≡≡

 Can measure:

Thread plug gauge

Shell thread plug gauge

Thread ring gauge

Shell thread ring gauge

American Standard unified thread gauge

55 ° non-sealing pipe thread plug gauge

55 ° non-sealing pipe thread ring gauge

Thread sealing pipe thread with Regulation (RB)

Wei's taper pipe thread gauges

Brunel taper pipe thread gauges

ACME taper pipe thread gauge

DIN thread gauge

JIS thread gauge

Special thread gauges for gas cylinders

ACME cylinder pipe thread gauge


API SPEC 5B series gauge:

Oil pipe thread gauge

Oil pipe taper gauge

Oil pipe taper master gauge

Oil casing thread gauge

Oil casing taper gauge

Oil casing taper master gauge

Oil pipeline gauge


API SPEC7-2 series gauge:

Numeric oil drill pipe joint thread gauge

Numeric oil drill pipe joint thread master gauge

Regular type oil drill pipe joint thread gauge

Regular type oil drill pipe joint thread master gauge

Full bore type oil drill pipe joint thread gauge

Full bore type oil drill pipe joint thread master gauge


API SPEC 11B series gauge:

Rod thread gauge

Double pin plug gauge

Double taper plug gauge

Incompetence plain plug gauge

Plain master ring gauge

Trapezoidal thread plug gauge


§≡≡≡≡ Configuration ≡≡≡≡

Standard configuration

1. SJ5500 host machine

2. Workholders

3. Jacking fixture

3. Measuring pins group

4. Standard thread gauges

5. Standard plain ring gauges

6. Standard plain plug gauges

7. Built-in regulations and standards

8. Testing software

9. Computer

10. HP color laser printer

11. Aluminum alloy box for accessories

12. User manual

13. Product certification and warranty card


Optional configuration

1. Software module for trapezoidal thread measurement

3. Measuring pins for trapezoidal thread measurement

4. Software module for profile measurement

5. Measuring tips with spherical face

6. Other workholders

7. Water-free, oil-free, silent air supply system

8. Electronic moisture-proof case    

§≡≡≡≡      Package    ≡≡≡≡

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