CHOTEST to Showcase Latest Measurement Technologies at IMTS 2024

CHOTEST Technology Inc. announced its participation today in the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2024, taking place September 9-14, 2024, at McCormick Place,2301 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, Illinois (IL). CHOTEST will be exhibiting its latest measurement technologies, including optical measuring instruments, surface profilers, microscopes, length measuring machines, laser trackers, and more, at booth 134379 in the East Building, Level 3.

At IMTS 2024, CHOTEST will highlight the following products:

Flash Measuring Machine, Model: VX8300: A high-speed, accurate solution for complex component measurements.
Video Measuring Machine, Model: Novator562: Offering precise video analytics for detailed inspections.
3D Optical Surface Profilometer, Model: W1-Lite: For non-contact surface roughness and profile measurements.
Confocal Microscope, Model: VT6100: Providing high-resolution imaging for detailed surface analysis.
Profilometers, Models: SJ5780-200 and SJ5760-PR: Delivering reliable surface texture measurements.
Universal Length Measuring Machine, Model: SJ5100-600A: Ensuring precise length verification for various components.
Dial Indicator Testing Machine, Model: SJ2620: For accurate and efficient dial gauge calibrations.
Ballbar, Model: MT21: Assessing the performance of CNC machines and identifying potential errors.
Rotary Axis Calibrator, Model: WR50: Enhancing machine tool accuracy with precise calibration.
Laser Tracker, Model: GTS3300: Offering advanced laser tracking for large-scale measurements.
Machine Tool Probes, Models: PO40+PO60: Facilitating accurate in-machine measurements.
Laser Interferometer, Model: SJ6000: Providing high-precision distance and displacement measurements.

Chotest’s commitment to innovation and quality makes it a must-visit booth at IMTS 2024. The company’s experts will be on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of these instruments and discuss how they can address the complex measurement needs of the automotive industry and beyond.

CHOTEST is a leading manufacturer of measurement instruments committed to providing customers with high-precision, reliable, and easy-to-use measurement solutions. The company's products are widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, and medical.

CHOTEST invites all IMTS 2024 attendees to visit its booth to learn more about its latest measurement technologies.

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