Profilometer for Optics Surface SJ5720-OPT200


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The SJ5720-OPT series is a capable to measure both surface roughness and profile after once scanning. Moreover, there is a dedicated software module for measurement and analysis of large aspheric surface, so this series is an ideal measurement solution for the optical lens industry.

It can also be used for profile and roughness measurement for large curved surface, such as bearings, artificial joints, precision molds, gears, blades, etc. Consequently, it is widely used in precision machining, automobiles, bearings, machine tools, molds, precision hardware and other industries.


  1. 1. Evaluate profile and roughness parameters at the same time after once scanning
  2. 2. High precision, high stability, and high repeatability
  3. 3. Aspheric optical software module
  4. 4. Intelligent management and advanced software analysis system
  5. 5. Intelligent protection system during scanning
  6. 6. Flexible manual control
  7. 7. High stability vibration isolation system


Professional aspheric surface measurement software can analyze all aspheric surface parameters.

There are some self-checking parameters in the software, so the correctness of the input formula can be determined by self-checking.

Aspheric surface measurement interface


Model No. SJ5720-OPT200
Measuring Range X 0~200mm
Z 0~500mm
Z1 ±6mm(Optional: ±12mm)
Resolution 0.001um
Accuracy Z1 *1 ≤±(0.5+0.03 H)μm(H,mm)
Pt *2 Pt≤0.2μm 
Standard Ball *3 ≤±(1+R/20)μm(R,mm)
Angle *4 ≤±1′
X 0~20mm/s
Z 0~20mm/s
Scanning Speed 0.05~5mm/s
X Straightness *5 ≤0.25μm/100mm
Measuring Force 0.5mN,0.75mN,1mN,2mN,3mN(Adjustable)
Ra Masurement Range Ra0.012μm~Ra12.5μm
Accuracy * 6 Ra0.012μm ~ Ra3 . 2 μm: ≤±(3nm+2.0%A),A(Ra)μm
Ra3.201μm ~ Ra12.5μm : ≤±(3nm+3.5%A),A(Ra)μm 
Repeatability (1δ) *7 1δ≤1nm
Measurement Residual *8 Rq≤3nm
Roughness Parameters R Roughness: Rp,Rv,Rz,Rc,Rt,Ra,Rq,Rsk,Rku,RSm,RPc,Rdq,Rdc,Rmr,Rmax,Rpm,
Key Roughness: Rk,Rpk,Rvk,Rpkx,Rvkx,Mr1,Mr2,A1,A2,Vo;
Profile: Pa,Pq,Pt,Pz,Pp,Pv,PSm,Psk,Pku,Pdq,Pdc,Pc,PPc,Pmr,Rad,PzJ,Pmax;
Waviness of Profile: Wa,Wq,Wt,Wz,Wp,Wv,WSm,Wsk,Wku,Wdq,Wdc,Wmr,Wpc,Wc;
Motif: R,AR,W,AW,Rx,Wx,Wte;
Standards: GB/T 3505-2009,ISO 4287:1997,ISO13565-2:1996,ASME B46.1-2002, DIN EN ISO 4287:2010,JIS B 0601:2013,JIS B 601-1994,JIS B 0601-1982,ISO 1302:2002
Aspheric Masurement Parameters Micro profile parameters: Pt, Pa, Fig;  Inclination parameters: Smx , Smn ;
Horizontal axis angle parameter: Tilt;
Distance parameters between the optical axis and the contour: Xp , Xv , Xt ;
Root mean square roughness parameter: RMS;
Slope parameters: Slpe mx , Slpemx (x), Slperms;
Vertex radius error parameter: Radius Err
Filter Gaussian filter, 2RC filter, zero phase filter
Sampling Length 0.008, 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8.0 or 25mm Selectable
Evaluation Length Auto calculation
Size(L×W×H) 800×500×1080(mm)
Weight 265kg
*1 The accuracy is based on the measurement standard gauge block.
*2 The accuracy is based on the Pt test of standard ball smaller than diameter 25mm.
*3 The accuracy is based on the verifcation of the ф 50mm standard ball with the arc exceeds 90 degrees.
*4 The accuracy is based on the measurement of the angle of polygonal prism.
*5 The accuracy is based on the measurement of optical flat.
*6 The accuracy is based on the measurement of standard roughness block.
*7 The repeatability is based on the measurement of 0,1-0.2μm square wave roughness block and standard step height block.
*8 The accuracy is is based on the measurement of 1 nm level roughness block and optical flat.


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