Profile and Roughness Measuring Machine SJ5730-200
  • Item No.: SJ5730-200
    Product name: Profile and Roughness Measuring Machine
    X-axis measuring range: 0~100mm
    Profile measurement accuracy: 
  •           Angle: ≤1’
  •           Z1: ≤±(0.5+|6H|/100)μm
              Standard arc Pt accuracy: ≤±0.3µm
              Standard sphere: ≤±(1+R/20)μm
  • Roughness measurement accuracy: Ra ≤±(4nm+2.0%A)
    Scanning speed:  0.05~5mm/s adjustable
  • Once Scanning for both Profile and Roughness
    Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc.




1. Once Scanning for both Profile and Roughness parameters such as Ra and Pt 2. Surface roughness: R parameter, P parameter, W parameter, etc. 3. Surface profile evaluation: It can evaluate radius, angle, distance, coordinates, circle, circular cross section, and determine the points, each intersectant point, coordinate axis, straight line, vertical line, circle and circular cross section, and analyze the straightness, roundness of contour 4. Shape error measurement: aspheric shape error measurement, straight line shape error measurement, camber shape error measurement 5. CNC Automatic mode is supported;  6. SPC statistics and analysis are supported 7. Support to import CAD file 8. Can export test data to the Word, Excel, AutoCAD(Optional) 9. Output multiple kinds of report format, and support user-defined report, or customize report(optional) 10. Can search and manage the test records according to object type, manufacturer, manufacturing number, inspector, submitted institution, equipment number, inspection date or effective date etc.



Model No. SJ5730-100
Measuring Range X 0~200mm
Z 0~500mm
Z1 ±6mm(Optional: ±12mm)
Resolution 0.001um
Accuracy Z1 *1 ≤±(0.5+0.03 H)μm(H,mm)
Pt *2 Pt≤0.2μm 
Standard Ball *3 ≤±1μm(R≤10mm) ;  ≤±(0.17+R/12)μm(10﹤R≤200mm)
Angle *4 ≤±1′
X 0~20mm/s
Z 0~20mm/s
Scanning Speed 0.05~5mm/s
X Straightness *5 ≤0.35μm/200mm
Measuring Force 0.5mN,0.75mN,1mN,2mN,3mN(Adjustable)
Ra Masurement Range Ra0.012μm~Ra12.5μm
Accuracy * 6 Ra0.012μm ~ Ra3 . 2 μm: ≤±(3nm+2.0%A),A(Ra)μm
Ra3.201μm ~ Ra12.5μm : ≤±(3nm+3.5%A),A(Ra)μm 
Repeatability (1δ) *7 1δ≤1nm
Measurement Residual *8 Rq≤3nm
Roughness Parameters R Roughness: Rp,Rv,Rz,Rc,Rt,Ra,Rq,Rsk,Rku,RSm,RPc,Rdq,Rdc,Rmr,Rmax,Rpm,tp,Htp,Pc,Rda,Ry,Sm,S,Rpc,RzJ;
Key Roughness: Rk,Rpk,Rvk,Rpkx,Rvkx,Mr1,Mr2,A1,A2,Vo;
Profile: Pa,Pq,Pt,Pz,Pp,Pv,PSm,Psk,Pku,Pdq,Pdc,Pc,PPc,Pmr,Rad,PzJ,Pmax;
Waviness of Profile: Wa,Wq,Wt,Wz,Wp,Wv,WSm,Wsk,Wku,Wdq,Wdc,Wmr,Wpc,Wc;
Motif: R,AR,W,AW,Rx,Wx,Wte;
Standards: GB/T 3505-2009,ISO 4287:1997,ISO13565-2:1996,ASME B46.1-2002, DIN EN ISO 4287:2010,JIS B 0601:2013,JIS B 0601-1994, JIS B 0601-1982,ISO 1302:2002

Aspheric Masurement Parameters Micro profile parameters: Pt, Pa, Fig;  Inclination parameters: Smx , Smn ;
Horizontal axis angle parameter: Tilt;
Distance parameters between the optical axis and the contour: Xp , Xv , Xt ;
Root mean square roughness parameter: RMS;
Slope parameters: Slpe mx , Slpemx (x), Slperms;
Vertex radius error parameter: Radius Err
Filter Gaussian filter, 2RC filter, zero phase filter
Sampling Length 0.008, 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8.0 or 25mm Selectable
Evaluation Length Auto calculation
Size(L×W×H) 800×500×1080(mm)
Weight 180kg
*1 The accuracy is based on the measurement standard gauge block.
*2 The accuracy is based on the Pt test of standard ball smaller than diameter 25mm.
*3 The accuracy is based on the verifcation of the ф 50mm standard ball with the arc exceeds 90 degrees.
*4 The accuracy is based on the measurement of the angle of polygonal prism.
*5 The accuracy is based on the measurement of optical flat.
*6 The accuracy is based on the measurement of standard roughness block.
*7 The repeatability is based on the measurement of 0,1-0.2μm square wave roughness block and standard step height block.
*8 The accuracy is is based on the measurement of 1 nm level roughness block and optical flat.


1. Once Scanning for both Profile and Roughness
2. High precision, high stability, high repeatability:
2. Intelligent measurement software
Thanks to friendly software interface, the operator can grasp the basic operation of the machine.
4. Intelligent protection system
Once the measuring probe collides with test object / workholder, or tensile force to measuring probe is too large during scanning process, the machine will stop scanning in order to protect measuring probe and measuring system.
5. Flexible manual control
The machine is equipped with a portable joystick, which can be used to position the probe before measurement. The operator can control the measuring probe to move up and down, left and right quickly without the computer.


                                                                  Scanning curve of Profile


Standard configuration: 

1. Host machine including profile&roughness measurement module

2. Calibration gauge for profile 3. Measuring arm L85-ZMY15 4. Measuring arm L85-RMY15 5. Jaw vice 6. Object table 7. Portable joystick 8. Measuring software 9. Desktop computer and 24” monitor 10. Aluminium alloy suitcase for accessories 11. User manual 12. Product certification and Warranty card


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