Intelligent Profile and Roughness Measuring Machine SJ5780-300


Coaxiality of lead screwCoaxiality of lead screw
Thread gaugeThread gauge
Trapezoidal lead screwTrapezoidal lead screw
Cylindrical workpieceCylindrical workpiece

Two-Sided Scanning 
Dedicated for Threaded wrokpieces



1.Two-sided profle scanning function

It obtains profle of object by scanning the surface with T-shaped stylus, then software can calculate the 2D sizes and GD & T based on the profle.

2.Thread scanning function

It can scan ordinary thread ring/plug gauges, tapered thread ring/plug gauges, plain ring/plug gauges, trapezoidal thread, sawtooth thread, multi-head threaded workpieces, lead screws, etc. Then the software can analyze their comprehensive parameters such as internal and external diameter, profle parameters, etc.



Model No. SJ5780-300
Basic Spec. Measuring Range X 0~325mm
Z 0~325mm
Min Resolution 0.001μm
Scanning Speed 0.1~2mm/s
Measuring Force 10~150mN
Max Slope Uphill 78º, downhill 87º
Y Direction Object Table Travel range 25mm, Overall height 85mm(Motorized table is optional)
Thread Meas. Thread Measuring Range Interal: M3~M200, External: M3~M200(Determined by optional jigs)
Accuracy(Maj., Pit., Min. Diamter) ≤±(4+L/100)μm, L is measured length in mmh
Accuracy(Thread Pitch) ≤±(1 +L/100)μm, L is measured length in mm
Diameter Measuring Range Internal: φ3~φ200, External: φ3~φ200(Determined by optional jigs)
Diameter Measuring Accuracy ≤±(3+L/100)μm, L is measured length in mm
Profile Degree Accuracy ≤±(2 +L/100)μm, L is measured length in mm
Roughness Parameters R Roughness : Rp,Rv,Rz,Rc,Rt,Ra,Rq,Rsk,Rku,RSm,RPc,Rdq,Rdc,Rmr,Rmax,Rpm,
Key Roughness : Rk,Rpk,Rvk,Rpkx,Rvkx,Mr1,Mr2,A1,A2,Vo;
Profle : Pa,Pq,Pt,Pz,Pp,Pv,PSm,Psk,Pku,Pdq,Pdc,Pc,PPc,Pmr,Rad,PzJ,Pmax;
Waviness ofProfile : Wa,Wg,Wt,Wz,Wp,Wv,Wsm,Wsk,Wku,Wdq,Wdc,Wmr,Wpc,Wc;
Motif :R,AR,W,AW,Rx,Wx.Wte;
Ra Measuring Range Ra0.012μm~Ra12.5μm
Filter 2RC filtering, Gaussian filtering and Zero phase filtering
Sampling Length 0.008, 0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8.0, 25mm
Evaluation Length Automatic calculation
Cutoff Wavelength 0.25/0.8/2.5(mm) or User-defined cut-off
Size(L×W×H) 1200×500×1180mm
Weight 200kg


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