CHOTEST Laser Tracker GTS6800

CHOTEST Laser Tracker GTS6800

Large-scale space measurement

Integrated Measurement Headt

Powerful CPU processing capability, compact control system are built into the laser head, and this integrated design greatly reduces the product volume and number of connection cables

Automatic Locking

The camera will automatically search for the SMR in a certain area when the beam interrupts, and automatically lock the SMR after find it. The whole process does not require human operation.


Absolute Distance Meter(ADM) and laser interferometer(IFM) fusion technology (HiADM) ensures excellent measurement accuracy and realizes Re-establish Beam Interruptions.

Integrated Environmental Weather Station

The integrated environmental weather station automatically monitors the environmental meteorological parameters, and compensates the influence of temperature, air pressure and humidity in real time.

MultiComm Communication

The instrument and computer can communicate with each other through hardware trigger, wired network or WIFI. The max measurement data output speed is 1000 points/second


The laser head and accessories are packed well in portable boxes, making it easy to transport between different work sites.

IP54 Protection

IP54 protection level ensures that the host is protected from dust and other pollutants, and has strong environmental applicability.

Steady Tripod

The stable triangular support system avoids the loss of accuracy caused by environmental vibrations



6D Attitude Probe iProbe

  1. Sensing fusion technology of machine vision and gravity alignment to measure spatial attitude
  2. It can measuregeometric structures of holes’ internal and hidden features
  3. Dual-probe design, more efficient when measuring complex features
  4. Wireless transmission, easy to carry
6D Attitude Probe iProbe

6D Attitude Smart Sensor iTracker

  1. The attitude sensor automatically follows and locks the laser beam, which has high measurement flexibility
  2. The pitch angle and yaw angle are not limited by the receiving angle of the optical receiver.
  3. Simple interface connection, easy to install on machine tools or robots, high repeatability and precision
  4. Dedicated band laser beam and filter design, not sensitive to ambient light
  5. The highest sampling speed is 200 points/second
6D Attitude Smart Sensor iTracker

Spatial Measurement Software SpatialMaster

Spatial Measurement Software SpatialMaster
  1. Traceability, faithfully record the measurement information of all measurement points of all instruments
  2. Rich geometry construction methods and accurate fitting algorithms, certified by Gauss and Chebyshev double PTB
  3. Multiple registration and alignment methods such as optimal fitting, sequential registration, and comprehensive alignment
  4. Provides powerful analysis functions, geometric relationship measurement functions, including professional GD&T evaluation
  5. The convenient monitoring function can provide efficient assembly and adjustment services for the actual production assembly process
  6. Self-controllable, visible and available report format, meeting various report format requirements
  7. Automatic measurement, In-line measurement, Guide point measurement, Batch point measurement functions improve measurement efficiency
  8. Support multi-station simultaneous measurement, and can carry out unified spatial measurement and analysis of multi-tracker multilateral method.
  9. Provide SDK interface, support user independent programming

Robot Calibration Software RobotMaster

RobotMastar Software

RobotMastar Software

The RobotMaster kit provides an absolute position accuracy calibration and performance test for industrlal robots, RobotMaster supports not only enhancad solutions based on 6D attitude smart sensors,but also supports economic solutions based on SMR.

  1. Robot Callbration Calibration Software

According to the DH parameters of the robot, the robot calbration mathematical model is established, and the robot zero position calilbration, the robot DH parameter callbration, and the robot TCP center point accuracy calibration are performed. Without changing any structure and hardware size of the existing robot, the absolute pose accuracy of the robot can be effectively improved through the robot calibration software.

  1. Robot performance testing software

According to the lSO 9283 industrial robot performance specifcatlon and its experimental method, the robot performance test is completed. The test content includes: robot pose accuracy, pose repeatability, multi-directional pose accuracy change, distance accuracy, distance repeatability, position stabilization time , position overshoot, pose characteristic drift, interchangeabllity, trajeclory accuracy, trajectory repeatability, corner deviation, trajectory velocity characteristics, static compliance, etc.

Model No. GTS6800
Basic Spec. Head Size 220x280x495mm
Head Weight 21.3kg
Controller Integrated
Laser Generator *1 633nm,1mW/CW | Class 2
Support 6D YES
Protection Level IP54
Maximum Distance Range (Radius) 80m
Horizontal ±360°
Vertical -145~+145°
Accuracy*2 Volumetric Accuracy 15μm+6μm/m
IFM Accuracy 0.5μm/m
ADM Accuracy 10μm (Entire range)
Level Accuracy 2.0"
Data Output Rate 1000pints/sec
Communication Cable connection TCP/IP(Cat5)
Wireless connection WLAN(IEEE 802.11N)
Environmental Operating Temperature 0°~40°C
Altitude -500~+3500m
Relative Humidity 0~95%,non-condensing
Power Supply 220±10%VAC,50/60Hz,4A,220W
*1 According to IEC60825-1(2014-5), it meets the radiation performance standard.
*2 The accuracy index is the maximum permissable error (MPE), using the standard 1.5″SMR, excluding the influence of air temperature variations.

Parameterss of 6D Attitude Probe Probe

 6D Attitude Probe iProbe
Measuring Range  Max Range(Radius) 30m
Basic  Spec. Weight*1 0.68kg
Size*2 93x90x178mm
Accuracy Spatial Accuracy*3 60µm+6µm/m
Measuring Arm Ball Diameter 3mm,6mm
Arm Material Li-ion battery
Arm length 40mm,100mm,200mm,400mm
Communication Max Transmission Speed 100Hz
Connection Type WIFI
Power Supply Type Li-ion battery
Working Duration ≥8 hours
*1 Inclues battery and 100mm measuring arm;
*2 Does not include meauring arm;
*3 Uses 100mm measuing arm.

Parameterss of 6D Attitude Sensor

 6D Attitude Sensor iTracker
Measuring Range  Max Range(Radius) 30m
Basic  Spec. Weight 1.32kg
Size 105x98x168mm
Measuring Range Pitch -55° ~ +60°
Yaw ±180°
Roll ±360°
Arm length Attitude Angular Accuracy 0.03°
Repeatability 0.005°
Communication Max Transmission Speed 200Hz
Connection Type 30m cable
Power Supply From laser tracker

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